Fire πŸ”₯

 Photo credit: Yvette Jain

Photo credit: Yvette Jain

Fire. πŸ”₯ A symbol of purification. 

Every time I see bonfire, I am reminded of a moment 7 years ago, when she I first decided to transform my life by letting go of beliefs, emotions, or concepts that were not serving me. I then focused on all that I wanted in life and what I thought would give myself and those around me joy. 

I did this simple exercise: I wrote on a small piece of paper something like, β€œInto the fire, I throw 'not good enough'. Out of the fire, I take 'authentic living.'” I threw the paper into the fire and committed to living the promise I made to myself each and every day in my heart. 

Since then it became a ritual for me, and every year, I update those words with what was more relevant and meaningful to keep myself growing. 

This year I wrote, "Into the fire, I throw 'fear and misunderstanding'. Out of the fire, I take 'courage and connection.'" 

I invite you to join me and do the same for yourself. What are you ready to let go of? And what are you ready to invite in?  Share your thoughts! I'm interested in you.